Why WordPress is a good platform for Bloggers?

Peoples often ask why WordPress is a good choice for Blogs and Websites. What makes it so worthy? When started, WordPress was a just a CMS (Content Management System) which powered a couple of sites. But today, WordPress is one of the most popular web app and powers some of the famous websites. According to a survey, WordPress covers almost 26% of the internet.

With the time WordPress has developed a lot. Today WordPress is not only used to create a blog but also can be used to create a full web application. 26.4% of the top 10 million websites use WordPress and almost 50,000 sites are created daily using WordPress. The WordPress got more than 60 million websites on the web.

Now let’s check some of the points which make the WordPress stand out of the box.

Why WordPress is a good choice.
Why WordPress is a good choice

1. WordPress is totally free and open source

WordPress is totally free to download and also its open source. So you can play with the code and alter it to your taste. All you need is a hosting service and a domain name to start a blog. There are thousands of free themes and plugins out there to power your website or blog.

2. WordPress is easy to use and customize.

WordPress has user-friendly interference and a quite simple dashboard. All the important aspects such as Posts, Comments, Pages, Media, etc are listed in the Dashboard menu which makes it handy. Moreover, from WordPress 3.4 a new feature was introduced, Theme Customizer. It made theme customization really simple, so now you can tweak the theme to your taste without any coding now.

3. WordPress is SEO friendly

SEO matters a lot for page ranking of your website or blog and a good page range brings you good traffic. WordPress is coded according to high standards. Also, there are several quality plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack which take care of SEO for you.

There are many crackers out there who will try to get in your site and steal the important data and resources but don’t worry, WordPress is coded against security standards and it’s improving with the time. You can also use plugins like All IN One Security & Firewall and Wordfence Security for additional security for your website or blog.

5. WordPress can be used any many ways

As I told, WordPress no more a Content Management System as it was in its earlier days. Apart from a blog, with the use of plugins and themes WordPress can be turned into an e-commerce, forum, Coupons, Review, Portfolio website and much more.

6. WordPress has frequent updates

Even though WordPress is mainly focused on the Content Management System, it has frequent updates with stable release and also new features. As WordPress is Open Source software there are hundreds of people contributing to make it better day by day. To know about more WordPress and its contributor visit WordPress.org.

7. WordPress has a large community

WordPress has a very large community. WordPress has active support Forum for solutions and troubleshooting their problems. Also, there are many website and blogs out there where you will find solutions.
If you are using our themes then we provide support for every premium theme you purchase.

These are just a few points. Just to get a clue about what you can do with WordPress and how some of the famous website using are using WordPress, check out their showcase.

To Conclude

Hope you have understood why WordPress a good choice and worth using. Just give WordPress a try to experience its power and possibilities and also share your experience with others in comments below.

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